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Learn Pickleball

Learn how I teach you to embrace "Pickleball is The Third Place" - your new addiction
It's not home or work.
It's the Third Place - where you come again and again. Meet new friends! Have fun!
I also coach players, hold events and clinics.
Pickleball is the Third Place!
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Pickleball is the Third Place

The concept of the Third Place helps explain the draw of this fun sport and it is part of my teaching/coaching service. I help it become your Thid Place. It is not home or work - but becomes a HUGE part of people's lives. It's a phenomenon that continues to grow. It's fun. It's exercise. It's a great place to meet new friends and it's ADDICTIVE - but in a good way, if done in moderation, like everything in life.

It is the THIRD PLACE!

Certified Coach

I am certified and insured to teach/coach by IPTPA (International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association) and by PPR (Professional Pickleball Registry), the official education and certification partner of USA Pickleball (USAPA -USA Pickleball Association). I am working on getting my Level 1 Referee certification, as well.

Quality Instruction

At my lessons and clinics, you get personal attention and quality instruction. I am committed to doing the best job I can to teach you how to play, be safe and most importantly, HAVE FUN! I usually only have 4 people at a lesson so each person gets individualized instruction. We focus on getting used to hitting the ball with the paddle in your hand (might be a first for some!) and proper footwork to be safe. We talk about other safety issues as well (e.g., shoes, eyewear, proper warmups).

Beginners and Advanced Beginners

At the Beginner lessons, you will learn the basics of how to play and learn the basic strokes involved in the game. You will learn to serve and how to keep the point going by properly returning the serve. You will also learn how to keep a rally going by using groundstrokes and volleys. You will learn how to keep score and some basic court strategy. And all this, while actually playing pickleball!

After you understand the basics, the Advanced Beginner class will dive deeper into the details - such as court position, transitioning, more advanced strokes used in the game, and some basic strategy to help you continue to improve! And again, you will learn all this while playing!

start learning
pickleball now

Contact me directly to schedule lessons and clinics. I charge $30 per student per lesson if I have 2, 3 or 4. For larger groups, it's $15 for each person. For a private lesson, it's $40 for 1.5 hours. Please pay with Zelle or Venmo prior to the lesson ( works for both).

Contact me for lessons and clinics!


I am a pretty good player but a very good teacher and coach. I'm more of a helper than a competitor. I encourage others to get out there and do the things you love to do - no time like the present! And once you learn to play, you will most certainly love it! Other activities I love: mountain biking, gravel grinding, hiking, trail running, camping and kayaking.

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Places to Play in CLT

One Favorite Paddle

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court shoe

Wear the Right Shoes!

You will need good COURT shoes in order to safely take a lesson and play pickleball. Running shoes and sneakers do NOT provide enough support for the stopping/starting and lateral movement involved. Rolling your ankle in running shoes is NO FUN!

Using a Decent Paddle

You may not want to invest in a paddle before you know if you want to play regularly. You will most likely have a friend or family member who can lend you one! I also provide loaners if you don't have one. If you need one at a lesson, message me so I make sure I have enough for the lesson.

Listen to Your Body

Be sure to pay attention to your body. You will most likely lose weight - if you don't need to, make sure you get enough calories to counter those you expend playing. If you feel a twinge somewhere, PAY ATTENTION and maybe take a day off. Pulled muscles are common. Before you play - make sure you do a Dynamic Stretching Routine!
no over the pb

Bad Advice for Beginners

A lot of folks learn to play out on the courts at a park and they learn from folks who don't have the rules down or may have faulty advice for strategy. There are lots of channels on You Tube with GREAT advice. For a few common beginner-experienced issues, here is a great video:

Fixes for Common Mistakes

Some errors are pretty universal - like hitting a slam into the net, poor footwork, losing track of the ball when it's spinning, being too much in a hurry and not gathering yourself before you hit the ball. For a few common beginner-experienced issues, here is a great video:
rule book

Rules and Rule Changes - 2024

If you want to have the rules handy, here's a link to a PDF of the 2024 Pickleball Rule book. There are new rules in place for 2024. Here's a link to the rules that were passed in late 2023.




Let everyone know that you have found your Third Place! Put this Pickleball is the Third Place sticker on your bag, car, wherever! Just not on your paddle!

Paddle Covers Soon!

Protect your paddle with this Pickleball is the Third Place custom paddle cover!


Proudly wear your Pickleball is the Third Place clothing out on the courts and everywhere! Tshirts, hoodies, sleeves - all available now! I have POP-UPs at Pickleball Facilities and other venues and bring my clothing to the events I hold. You can aslo order directly from me by emailing me at

Pickleball is the
Third Place

My teaching and coaching services will make Pickleball be YOUR THIRD PLACE! It's where you want to be if you're not at home or at work. You will want to return time and time again. You will learn to play and want to multiple times a week. You will make new friends - meet folks you never would have met - you will get exercise and have FUN!

What does this mean? The concept of the Third Place totally describes why pickleball is such an amazing thing for millions of people all over the world. I saw this in a post on FB by a fellow pickleballer named Sherif Edmond El Dabe. What is a third place? A third place is somewhere that's not home or work.

Ray Oldenburg's The Great Good Place published in 1989, defines the characteristics of an ideal third place.
1) Neutral Ground: The space is for anyone to come and go without affiliation with a religion, political party, or in-group.
2) Level Ground: Political and financial status doesn't matter there.
3) Conversation: The primary purpose of the location is to converse and be social.
4) Accessible: The third place is open and available to everyone and the place caters to the needs and desires of the community that frequents it.
5) Regulars: On a nightly or at least weekly basis the same cast of people rotate in and out, contributing to the sense of community.
6) Unassuming: Third places aren't regal or imposing. They're home-like and serve the function of a home away from home for the patrons.
7) Lack of Seriousness: Third places are a place to put aside personal or political differences and participate in a community. Joking around and keeping the mood light is a big part of the "public house" experience.
8) Third Place as Home: A third place must take on multiple elements of the home experience including a feeling of belonging, safety, coziness, and a sense of shared ownership.

A successful third place has visitors saying "this is our space and I feel at home here."